New smoothies comprised of Mediterranean vegetation present promising well being advantages, in accordance with a research

New smoothies made from Mediterranean plants show promising health benefits, according to a study

A latest research revealed in Antioxidants analyzed the potential well being advantages of revolutionary smoothies based mostly on some typical Mediterranean plant merchandise, equivalent to apples (Malus domestica (Md) juice, strawberry tree (Strawberry tree unedo (Au) fruit puree and enriched with Myrtus communis (Mc) purple berry extract, Crocus sativa (cs) petal juice, Acca sellowiana (As is Persimmon Diospyros (Dk) fruits.

Research: Antioxidant exercise and digestive enzyme inhibition of the brand new strawberry tree fruit/apple smoothies. Picture Credit score: HJBC/Shutterstock

Introduction and background

There have been important modifications within the meals business in recent times because of the relationship between human well being and dietary elements of meals, leading to a development of wholesome consuming. Moreover, client developments have shifted in direction of selecting merchandise based mostly on sensory properties and their dietary and well being properties.

This has led the meals business to develop protected, wholesome and engaging merchandise to fulfill buyer calls for. Amongst ready-to-drink drinks, smoothies are of rising curiosity. They’re semi-liquid drinks with a clean consistency ready by mixing greens, fruits and different elements. They’re outlined as superfoods for his or her helpful and well being protecting qualities.

Vital are the merchandise with antidiabetic or antioxidant properties that may be taken every day by wholesome topics and by these affected by power ailments. The remedy and prevention of those ailments contain the consumption of meals wealthy in antioxidants equivalent to polyphenols and decreasing nutritional vitamins.

Nonetheless, these compounds are misplaced in comfort meals or extremely processed merchandise obtainable in grocery shops. Due to this fact, the meals manufacturing know-how should make sure the presence of compounds that promote human well being within the closing meals merchandise.

Phenolic compounds, equivalent to flavonols, anthocyanins, phenolic acids or flavan-3-ols, a subgroup of flavonoids, are vital pure oxidants in lots of fruits or greens. Polyphenols assist scale back the development of heart problems, diabetes, most cancers and neurodegenerative issues, in addition to appearing as a prebiotic.

Anthocyanin is a crucial phenolic compound answerable for the purple-red shade of vegetation. These compounds are helpful in treating ailments associated to oxidative stress, together with most cancers, diabetes and Alzheimer’s illness, in addition to irritation and most cancers. Moreover, the bioactive compounds in fruit could assist stimulate insulin secretion and scale back blood stress, serum ldl cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Concerning the research

The research concerned making an arbutus/apple fruit smoothie by mixing the arbutus fruit mousse with apple juice in a 25:75 ratio. Assays had been carried out to find out complete decreasing energy, complete phenolic content material, and free radical scavenging exercise.

Intestinal Caco-2 cells had been used to carry out an MTT assay analyzing the poisonous exercise of the examined extracts and the intracellular manufacturing of ROS. Digestive enzyme inhibition assessments and the identification and quantification of the extracted polyphenolic compounds adopted. The phloroglucinol methodology was used to research polymeric procyanidins. Lastly, the sugar and natural acid content material of the extract was decided.

Research outcomes

The outcomes indicated that the maximal antioxidant exercise ranged from 6.98 mmol Fe2+/100 g contemporary weight (fw) (Au/Md) to eight.75 mmol Fe2+/100 g fw (Au/Md + Mc). Essentially the most important antioxidant exercise was noticed in Au/Md + As and Au/Md + Dk and was positively related to the rise in complete phenolic content material.

Not one of the closing product extracts had been reported to cut back cell viability. Moreover, pretreatment with all phenolic extracts was noticed to be related to inhibition of ROS formation.

Au/Md + Dk, Au/Md + As and Au/Md + Mc have been reported to result in barely decrease ROS ranges than the opposite two. Moreover, it was noticed that the proportion of ROS manufacturing within the extracts with concentrations of 10 and 20 µg/mL was equal to that of untreated cells.

The inhibitory exercise in opposition to α-amylase has been reported to vary from 64.70 (Au/Md + Mc) to 94.90 (Au/Md) mg fw/mL, with persimmon puree (Dk) and feijoa (As) as stronger inhibitors.

The inhibitory exercise in opposition to α-glucosidase ranged from 15.84 (Au/Md + Mc) to 27.12 (Au/Md + Cs) mg fw/mL and the identical α-amylase inhibition group confirmed l ‘stronger inhibition. The inhibitory exercise in opposition to pancreatic lipase ranged from 3.01 (Au/Md) to three.14 (Au/Md + Mc) mg fw/mL, with Au/Md being essentially the most potent inhibitor.

75 totally different polyphenols had been noticed within the 5 shakes that belonged to 6 subclasses, hydroxybenzoic and hydroxycinnamic acids, anthocyanins, flavan-3-ols, dihydrochalcones, flavonols and anthocyanins.

The full quantity of polyphenols was totally different in all shakes; nevertheless, supplementing with feijoa flower or 5% purple myrtle berry extract has been noticed to additional enrich the pure antioxidants within the closing product. 9 anthocyanins had been noticed, the quantities of which different between 530.72 and 635.96 mg/100 g.

The pure Au/Md shake was wealthy in such molecules, primarily cyanidin-3-O-arabinoside and cyanidin-3-O-galactoside. Including 5% purple myrtle berry extract (Mc) to the shake has been noticed to complement it in delphinidin-3-O-galactoside and -3-O-glucoside, malvidin3-O-glucoside and -3-O -glucoside, peonidin- 3-O-glucoside. Moreover, delphinidin-3,5-odiglucoside was noticed in smoothies enriched with saffron petal juice.

As well as, 24 hydroxybenzoic acids and their derivatives had been noticed in all shakes. Nonetheless, their composition was totally different in numerous merchandise: gallic acid glucoside I and II, digalloyl shikimic acid I, digalloylquinic acid I and galloyl shikimic acid, theogallin and galloyl glucoside I had been contained in all shakes.

The hydroxycinnamic acids detected included p-coumaric acid, caffeic acid, p-coumaroyloquinic acid, in addition to neo-chlorogenic and chlorogenic acids. Two dihydrochalcones had been reported in all shakes, the quantity of which elevated with the addition of saffron petal juice (Cs) and myrtle berry extract (Mc), whereas it decreased with the addition of feijoa flowers and persimmon puree. Moreover, a number of flavonols and flavan-3-ols had been reported whose composition differed in accordance with the ultimate product.

Moreover, sorbitol, sucrose, glucose and fructose had been reported in all closing merchandise and the whole sugar content material ranged from 13.27 to 16.50 g/100 g. The best sugar content material was noticed within the smoothie enriched with purple myrtle berry extract, whereas the bottom within the pure base.

Essentially the most ample sugars have been reported as glucose and fructose. It has been noticed that the addition of semi-finished merchandise to the pure base will increase the fructose content material, however the reverse is true for glucose. Eight natural acids have been reported within the closing merchandise, together with citric, oxalic, ascorbic, quinic, malic, shikimic, isocitric and fumaric acids.

Amongst them, quinic and malic acids had been essentially the most ample. Moreover, the general sugar:natural acid ratio elevated on account of every add-on in comparison with the pure base.


Thus, the present research indicated {that a} strawberry tree/apple smoothie could possibly be an vital supply of bioactive compounds that inhibit sure digestive enzymes and antioxidant exercise.

Enriching the smoothie with totally different plant supplies can additional improve its nutraceutical potential. Creating extra of those smoothies may also help assist the native meals provide chain and promote wholesome existence.


One main limitation of the research is that it makes use of in vitro fashions and outcomes can’t be translated dwell.

Journal reference:

  • Gil, Okay. et al. (2023) “Antioxidant exercise and digestive enzyme inhibition of the brand new strawberry tree fruit/apple smoothies”, Antiossidanti, 12(4), p. 805. doi: 10.3390/antiox12040805.

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