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It’s the Season to Be Curly – Holiday Hair Care Tips

With the holiday season fast approaching, and endless parties and festive social events that you may have to attend – you want to make sure your hair is gorgeous! Remember, our hair is as delicate as it is beautiful, so it’s imperative that you treat your hair as you would a fine silk blouse—with extra care. Regular moisturizing, daily conditioning, and quality hair care products are a must!

Winter hair care tips:

Winter is the season that wreaks most havoc on curly tresses. From the seemingly instantaneous change in climate to the daily onslaught of dry, brittle winds and frizz-inducing rain — the curly girl doesn’t stand a chance! However, you can counteract the evils of winter by incorporating a good hair regimen and using only quality products for your hair. Product selection is crucial. Look for cleansers, emollients, emollients, and leave-in products.

Overusing shampoo and conditioning is a common cause of dry and frizzy hair. Winter weather exacerbates the problem. Therefore, it is not recommended to use shampoo more than once a week. I recommend shampooing 2-3 times a month for dry and/or damaged hair, and once a week for undamaged curly hair.

 Appropriate conditioning is one of the most important steps to maintain hair health and radiance. Unfortunately, most of us don’t take the time to do this appropriately. It is recommended to use deep moisturizing with heat,

 On other “shampoo-free” days, wash and rinse your hair to remove styling products (this is where using appropriate water soluble products comes in….like ours), work an ample amount, comb through conditioner, rinse and continue styling. Doing so will pump back the moisture your hair needs without stripping away essential nutrients, rinsing away dirt and unnecessary oils and giving you a clean, fresh start.

 Avoid products that contain minerals and/or petroleum oil as an ingredient. Do not use products containing these ingredients on your curly hair or scalp. Both of these synthetic oils coat and suffocate the hair shaft, preventing moisture from escaping. Moreover, they clog the pores in your scalp and can delay hair growth. Read your posters. Remember that ingredients are listed in order of size. If your hair requires oil, use only natural oils that penetrate the hair shaft (such as coconut, almond, olive, and pomegranate seed oils).

Hair holiday do

 Give your hair a pre-holiday deep heat treatment, especially if you plan to heat your hair. This extra step will help protect the skin from damage.

 Nothing is sexier than sparse and threaded ends, especially on girls/women with curly hair. Regular trims should be part of your hair care regimen. Curly hair should be cut at least every 3 months, and a week before a major event or party. But don’t trust anyone with great locks. Make sure your stylist is familiar with styling and cutting curly hair.

 Use appropriate tools when styling your hair. Always choose natural bristle brushes and not nylon brushes as they tend to break the hairs especially during the winter months.

 Do not over style the hair with heat. Overdrying, flat ironing and curling will perpetuate dryness and encourage breakage.

 Be natural! Discover your hair and its glory. Go for the messy sexy look. Cleanse, condition, and condition curly strands and leave them in.

Style tip: Once your hair is dry, gently pin different rings to your scalp with bobby pins. Allow a few wispy strands to dangle in your face.

Let the sparkle and shimmer of the holiday season inspire you to rock your hairstyle. The little red dress, stilettos, accessories that are to die for, and a hot handbag are all a woman needs to turn heads at any holiday party. Create the perfect hairstyle and you will look simply stunning!

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