Regular pedicure promotes good health

Many men and women seek pedicure treatments only during the spring and summer months when shoes leave toes and heels bare. Of course, offering feet polished and clean is a great idea, especially when anyone can see them. What about the months when your feet are covered in shoes and boots? Do you think there are any good reasons to maintain a foot care regimen during the colder months of the year? Your answer should be a resounding yes.

Even though your feet are not visible to others during the winter, you should still receive regular pedicures. Not only can a pedicure help you show off beautiful toes, but it can also help keep your skin and joints healthy. If you enjoy a pedicure on a regular basis during the summer months, you’re probably already aware of the benefits, but just in case it’s too late for you to notice, you can refresh your memory here.

Every pedicure begins with a spa soak intended to soften the skin for easier manipulation. What you may not realize is that a spa bath for your feet encourages blood circulation in your lower legs and ankles, which reduces any pain and swelling you may have from sitting or standing all day. Soft leather can also reduce the formation of corns and calluses which can be painful, especially when wrapped in warm winter boots.

Your nails should get regular attention during the winter months, too. You may not realize it, but cold weather can act as a drying agent on your skin and nails. Dry, brittle nails are prone to splitting and breaking, which can be painful, but can also cause infection. A regular pedicure from a Vancouver nail salon can ensure that your nails are always in the healthiest condition, and reduce the chances of ingrown toenails or painful breakage.

Finally, the massage each Vancouver nail salon offers with every pedicure can further improve circulation in the lower legs and feet. This can relax tight muscles and promote better joint functioning, especially when cold weather is actively working to cause joint and muscle pain. Contact a Vancouver nail salon as soon as possible to start your regular pedicure regimen, and you will quickly realize the many benefits that are involved.

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