Salon Treatments – Introduction to Pedicure

A pedicure is a soothing and relaxing experience to revive tired, achy feet and improve the appearance of feet and toe nails. It’s a very similar process to trimming nails but is obviously used on the feet instead. The word pedicure is derived from the Latin word Pedis which means foot, and Cora which means care. The best pedicure not only makes the toes beautiful but also includes a lower leg and foot massage to completely refresh the feet.

Pedicure stages

First, any old nail polish will be removed from the toenails and the nails will be cut to the correct length avoiding cutting the corners of the nail to avoid ingress of the toenails, then they will be filed into the desired shape.

Next, the feet are soaked in a large bowl of warm water that may contain some oil or moisturizer to moisturize the skin. Soaking the feet for about 10 minutes will leave you feeling very relaxed and your feet will be so soft that any hard or dead skin on the feet can be removed either by peeling or by cutting them.

The feet will then be dried and a generous amount of lotion will be applied to the feet and legs which usually involves a lower leg and foot massage to relax and work the moisturizer into the skin. A cuticle cream will also be applied to the toenails to soften them.

Once this is done, the cuticle will be pushed back and then polish will be applied to the toe nails in the desired color or as a French polish.

Feet will be soft and moisturized, and toe nails will be perfectly shaped and polished.

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