Things everyone should know before trying the magic of a pedicure

On average, one person can take up to 10,000 steps. Although good for the heart, these many steps can be harmful to the feet. Treating dogs to a pedicure is more than just smooth skin and polished nails — in fact, a pedicure offers various benefits to the body.

1. It increases blood circulation
During a pedicure, most spas or nail salons do a foot massage. A foot massage allows the tendons of the foot to relax, resulting in increased circulation in the feet and legs. This relieves tension around the ankle and heel and provides some relief after a long day of walking or hiking.

2. Exfoliate
Exfoliating the feet removes dead skin cells, which are the cause of swollen feet. Since exfoliation removes dead skin, the new skin of the feet can regenerate, especially on the heels. This process will give the feet a smooth and soft look.

3. Keeps feet moisturized
Podiatrists use oils and lotions to massage into the skin of the feet. This process will help keep the feet moisturized, especially after exfoliating. In general, it prevents cracked heels or extremely dry skin around the toes.

4. It prevents infection
Toenails are a breeding ground for fungus, which is why it is so important to clean and trim toenails during a pedicure. A good foot scrub removes bacteria from the feet and toes, which will prevent infections such as athlete’s foot.

5. It’s relaxing
The human foot contains 33 joints, 26 bones, and more than 7,000 nerve endings. Foot massage helps relax the body, which reduces stress and releases toxins. Some manicurists may also practice reflexology which is an alternative therapy that is thought to manage various parts of the body using trigger points on the feet.

When we say no to pedicures
The benefits of a pedicure far outweigh the negative benefits. However, there are times when safety must come before beauty. Possible reasons for a client to postpone an appointment include:

Open sores on the heels or bottoms of the feet
Unexplained bruising
Skin rash or bumps
Visible signs of toenail fungus

It is important for people with diabetes to take extra care of their feet. This is mainly because the infection can raise blood sugar levels. If your pedicure is already scheduled, it’s common practice to call within a 24-hour period.

Find the right salon
A person can tell a lot about a salon from the first impression. A great way to experience salon staff is to just go there and enjoy the atmosphere. Other things to look for include:

Visual Cosmetology License(s).
A clean workspace
– Well maintained equipment
– Cleaning ponds and water

Remember, a pedicure is meant to be fun and relaxing. Part of that is determining if the salon can provide its clients with first-class service.

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